Welcome. It’s so nice to meet you. I got a hunch that:

  • You’re short on time, struggling to understand how to live healthy on a busy schedule…
  • You’re surrounded by conflicting messages in the media around diets and health and don’t know what works best for your body.
  • You often feel overwhelmed and have built up unhealthy stress in both private and professional life.
  • You’re annoyed by calorie-restrictive diets and exercise regimes that haven’t gotten you the results you’d hoped for.
  • You already know that a natural approach towards health and weight loss is best.
  • You don’t know where to start.
  • You’re seeking a helping hand to guide you through your fast lifestyle, to make peace with your plate and to fuel you with positive energy while eliminating stress so you’ll be able to go and reach your dream goals.

 I get that. And you’ve come to the right place! In a world where affluence steals essence, healthcoachFX helps overworked trailblazers and corporate goddesses nourish, love and grow into their healthiest, happiest and strongest selves. My immersion into healthy nutrition and lifestyle started as a way of dealing with Lupus – an autoimmune disease I was diagnosed with in my early twenties. For years I was struggling with my own body image, adrenal fatigue, digestion, food intolerances and burn-out. There is so much confusion and complication for those seeking to live healthy, that it took me years to discover what worked and what did not work for my body. You can read more about my story here. I found out that it’s the little day-to-day actions, choices and thoughts that have the biggest impact on how we feel and who we can be in the world. I really had to learn to love and take care of myself. Living this way allowed me to take control of my illness, regain my energy and feel more confident and better than ever. Your zest for life will deeply change when you follow a path of clean eating, radical self love and personal development.  




  I have co-founded healthcoachFX because I would have loved this: A guiding hand back when I was struggling. Now it’s my turn to help others make their journey towards a healthy lifestyle easier, provide real facts and actionable steps in bite-sized chunks. Together with an expert team, a bold vision, and rock-solid guts, we brainstormed ideas that could help us make a positive impact in the lives of women around the world. We wanted to go beyond one-sided communication and the one-size-fits-all products of other online businesses. We believe in evidence-based knowledge, an integrative approach, convenience, actionability and personalisation where possible. We are here to help you create an everlasting change that will leave you thrive for the rest of your life! From the day you start to live healthy it feels damn good. You will reconnect with your body and your inner voice. You will burst with newfound energies, put on a sexy glow and gravitate towards a happy life driven by your inner compass. That is a life fuelled from the inside. That is a life full of dream chasing. That is a life to fall in love with! Sunshine + Love,

Laura Handtekening


  We believe that health should be a right, not a privilege. Yet it seems that the best and most accurate information is often only available to a select few. Therefore we offer a lot of FREE information, education and empowering tools on our ‘Nourish. Love. Grow.’ blog and in our shop. We also offer paid online products and programs. Taking a tailored and holistic approach, our online signature + lifestyle transformation program The Personal Body Reset is designed to help you kick start your metabolism, sculpt your body and integrate mindfulness in all areas of life.

Let me introduce you to our healthcoachFX dream team!  


Petra Stoffers is a holistic health coach and educated as a certified orthomolecular therapist and personal trainer.
She first healed her own children when traditional medicine failed them. This set her on a path to help others. Petra has in depth experience on lots of health issues related to stress, nutrition and exercise.
She has great love for nature and empathy for those who suffer. As researcher and coach of healthcoachFX she can now reach out to so many, which she loves every day.


Hans van de Vorst’s interest in holistic health started when he led one of the largest wellness companies in the Netherlands. This raised his curiosity about the demand and supply of health services and its ineffectiveness in general.
He also learned that the human body is already evolutionary equipped to heal itself if the right conditions are set.
healthcoachFX does educate and coach you in a fun and time efficient way. It provides you with all you need to lead a healthy and happy life.


Amy Riedeman is a neuropsychologist and nutritionist. Her views and passions have always been directed towards holistic health and medicine, whilst strongly believing in the power of science.  She believes the path towards health and happiness is already laid out for you. Sometimes you just need a guide. With healthcoachFX she found the perfect way to get as many people on their rightful path as possible. She feels blessed to be part of this wonderful process people go through.


Laura van de Vorst is a certified nutritionist, motivational writer, passionate yogi and entrepreneur. She believes in real facts and actionable steps and works with overworked go-getters guiding them to their happiest and healthiest selves.

Laura loves travelling and training her mind both intellectually and spiritually. She graduated from the award-winning Liberal Arts and Sciences program at Maastricht University. During a semester in Sydney, she discovered the healing impact of yoga, nutrition and holistic health. After she graduated with an MSc degree from Copenhagen Business School, she continued to study Nutritional Medicine.

Laura co-founded healthcoachFX because she would have loved this: a guiding hand back when she was struggling.

Her life radically changed when she decided to follow a path of nourishment, self-love, and growth. Living this way allowed her to take control of her autoimmune disease, regain her energy and feel more confident than ever.

Her latest program The Personal Body Reset is designed to help balance hormones, reboot the metabolism, sculpt the body, and integrate mindfulness in all areas of life.

Laura also runs The Green Tribe, an online magazine with empowering articles that celebrate and inspire health heroes to live better every day. She currently lives in Hamburg, Germany.

Media kit coming soon.