Bloody Amazing | What Is Cycle Syncing & Why Should You Care?

Cycle syncing is matching food, exercise, and lifestyle to your body’s ever-changing needs over the course of your female cycle. This was first introduced by Alisa Vitti, HHC, AADP. As a woman, you’re affected by your hormones 365 days a...

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Progesterone Boosting Recipe | Shiitake, Avocado & Prawn-Filled Leaves

Why A Progesterone Boosting Recipe? Progesterone is often much less pronounced in women than their estrogen. It declines more rapidly with age than your other sex hormones do, and levels can even drop to zero. The wrong diet, lifestyle or...

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Endive Hempseed Apple Detox Salad

Detox salad, anyone? Spring is almost here with its blooming bulbs, chirping birds, and early sun rays… And if you’re anything like me, this is the time I like to try new recipes that feed my cells with light refreshing nutrients. So,...

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Stop PMS

How To Stop PMS Once And For All

Is your life alternating between good and bad weeks? Do you want to finally stop PMS? You’re not alone. Around 90% of women worldwide struggle with mood swings, headaches, insomnia, bloating and other PMS symptoms that jeopardize their work performance,...

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Bone Broth

Chicken Broth: Why It's So Healthy + How To Make Your Own

Chicken Broth 101 I’m often asked about my nº1 recipe. Is there one recipe I’d recommend everyone? Yes! Our super-healing chicken broth! A true beauty food (ciao collagen!), nutrient-dense (hello 19 amino acids and minerals!), easy-to-digest, repairs gut and flora...

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Laura van de Vorst

Laura van de Vorst is a certified functional nutritionist, hormone expert, women’s health biohacker, entrepreneur and speaker. Her message - that women can naturally free themselves from suffering anchored in hormonal imbalances - has empowered thousands of women across the globe to take back their life and activate their wildest dreams.