Home Essentials Kit


Your Home Essentials Kit Contains: 


Essential Oil Singles (15ml)

  1. FRANKINCENSE: Beautifying and anti-aging for the skin, promotes cellular regeneration, reduces the fear of imperfection, supports spiritual connection and healthy cellular function, fights inflammation.
  2. LAVENDER: Calms the nervous system, soothes irritated skin, promotes restful sleep, supports self-confidence and a peaceful mind.
  3. LEMON: Naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion and detoxification, supports healthy respiratory function and promotes a positive mood. Great no-tox cleaner, purifies air, great for focus and mental clarity, delicious in salad dressings and refreshing in water.
  4. MELALEUCA: Cleanses and purifies skin and nails, promotes healthy immune function, helps to set energetic boundaries and to empower yourself.
  5. PEPPERMINT: Cools body temperature, great for focus, uplifts energy, settles an upset tummy and headache, delicious in healthy treats.
  6. OREGANO: Antibiotic and antiviral, provides antioxidants, benefits a warming sensation to the skin, perfect to spice up meals, supports emotional nonattachment and flexibility


Essential Oil Blends (15ml)

  1. DEEP BLUE: Soothing blend - helps less tension, provides relaxation, helps with muscle pain and strengthens self-acceptance.
  2. ZEN GEST: Supportive blend - benefits digestion health and upset stomach, settles heartburn, bloatedness, cramping and nausea.
  3. AIR/BREATHE: Respiratory blend - Clears airways, great support for breathing problems, energizing.
  4. ONGUARD: Protective blend - wards off bacteria, protects the immune system, loads the body with antioxidants and supports to set clear boundaries.


Other Included Products

  • Petal Diffuser
  • Essentials Oils Booklet

Here's what else you'll receive upon purchase:

  • A Personal Wellness Consult with information on how to use the oils according to your symptoms, needs or interests.
  • Roller bottle essential oil recipes for different purposes and needs.
  • Diffuser blend essential oil combinations.
  • Continued Essential Oil education.
  • 25% off every doTERRA order in the next 12 months.
  • And of course, if ever you’re interested in exploring the business opportunity you can always join our Health to Wealth Academy.

Before we go on, we must confirm that if you already have a doTERRA account, you'll be unable to open one with us. This is doTERRA’s policy and we loyally stand behind it. In doTERRA we honor the source from which you were first educated about these oils so please head back to the person who introduced you and let them enroll you, they’ll be stoked to do that. If, on the other hand, you’re brand new to all this, read on, and let’s dive into your oily adventure.

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Once your payment processes, I'll be notified and get in touch to welcome you officially. I'll also invite you to schedule your Wellness Consult which is really fun and where we'll make a daily protocol based on your needs and symptoms. We'll also delve into your long-term vision for your wellness, and how essential oils can support you.


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