#Glowgetter Retreat


Immerse in a 1-week journey of hormone balancing, business hacking, purpose clarity and soulful connections. You’ll leave empowered to monetise and live your wildest dreams.


6 days in the Provence | 3 expert coaches | 1 luxurious & transformative experience

What is it about?

This retreat is designed for passionate driven women who strive to achieve their goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and outside. Whether you are an (aspiring) business owner, creative soul, or simply want to treat yourself to a luxurious and transformative experience - while connecting with like-minded women and inner joy!

purpose clarity


Learn how to follow your purpose, to define your 'why' and to realize your vision. Enter into a deep conversation with your soul and learn how to manifest your wildest dreams.

Hormone Health


Learn how to heal and support your body and soul with food and plant-based medicine. Balance your hormones, pump up your energy, and set up your days so your business won’t stress the bejesus out of you.

Energy Icon


Learn how to truly own your unique combination of superpowers to hack the way you do work. Maximize productivity, execute and monetize your passions.

This retreat is for...

  • Purpose seekers who aren’t feeling at home in their bodies and want to break through imbalances to liberate their higher selves.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to step up their self-care game and show up to their customers as the best version of themselves.
  • Female go-getters with an entrepreneurial mindset, who want to find clarity on their 'why' and learn how to monetize their dreams.

Your Hosts During One Week in Paradise


Retreat leader & purpose coach

Greta is a highly sensitive human with a loves to connect deeply with people and ideas. Her energy is contagious and whether in her personal or business coaching, she will catalyze transformation and provide you hands-on solutions to realize your higher vision.

Greta has been organizing retreats for the past 5 years in a dream spot in Sardinia, co-founded ENTREPURPOSE and is constantly developing new retreat formats. You can book a retreat consultation with her during the retreat.

During our retreat, she leads mindful yoga and meditation sessions. In her workshops, you'll find your purpose and learn how to manifest, embody it and connect to abundance. And Greta will inspire with her story about how she combines the Feminine and the Masculine energies to live a fulfilled and balanced love and work life.

Laura van de Vorst

Women's health coach & nutritionist

Laura is a certified functional nutritionist, hormone expert, women’s health biohacker, entrepreneur and trilingual speaker.

She's the founder and spokesperson of healthcoachFX and the creator of Female Cycle Superpowers.

Today she helps women who are suffering from hormone imbalances. She has empowered thousands of women across the globe to take back their life and activate their wildest dreams.

During this retreat, she’ll teach you everything she knows about women's health, nutrition, stress relief, inner balance, hormones and using food and plants as your medicine.

On top of that, she'll give 3 cooking workshops, where she'll teach you how to prepare easy, healthy and energizing meals for daily life and business.


Mindset-ninja & business coach

Alix is an enthusiastic maximizer. She always strives to get the most out of life.

She's started 4 companies to date, worked for the United Nations (UN), various universities and a start-up accelerator.

Together with Greta she is a co-Founder of ENTREPURPOSE, where they design powerful retreat programs.

Today, she coaches clients all over the world to become the fullest expression of themselves and to execute on their dreams.

During our retreat, she coaches you on dreaming big, executing and monetizing your passions and hacking your business.

In her workshops, you will teach to set your money mindset right and grow your sales to the next level.

Your Daily Flow

Hormone Health


We'll start every day with a blissful morning ritual including self-love practice, conscious exercise & meditation.

Movements in form of a yoga flow or pilates session will give you an energizing start into your day and helps you to absorb the positive energy around you and to process your emotions during the retreat.

We'll have a lovely breakfast together and continue with 90-minute cooking workshops and enjoy our delicious creations after. Cooking workshops include:

  • Food & Detoxification
  • Female Cycle Syncing
  • Smart Meal Prepping

Afternoons are for workshops and free time. During the evening we'll have dinners and you'll get the chance to join the evening talks.



Our transformative workshops are designed to give empower you and give you the most practical tools, blueprints, and mindset shifts needed to take inspired action and live your dream life. Including

  • Purpose Clarity & Finding Your 'Why', Vision & Ikigai
  • Affirming, Manifesting & Embodying Abundance
  • Reset Your Hormones With Nutrition & Lifestyle Hacks
  • Executing On Your Dreams
  • Money Mindset, Monetizing & Sales
  • Wholeness: Combining Your Masculine & Feminine Energies For A Fulfilled & Balanced Love & Work Life
  • Plant-based Medicine
  • Menopause, Anti-Aging
    and Vitality
Energy Icon


During the week, you'll go through an emotional and physical process with yourself. You'll come to different realizations, reflecting your leanings on your current situation and you'll dive in a deep connection with yourself. This process needs space, a time to breathe, to reflect.

That's why you'll have a daily space for free time between the sessions. Of course, you can also use this time to work on your business, take a field trip or connect with all the other purpose-driven beautiful souls.

Dream Location in South of France

You'll spend one week in the unforgettable,  magnificent properties of Les Hameaux des Davids. A place in wild nature with the softness and tranquility of the deep Provence of France. You'll feed your body fresh, seasonal, self-grown organic food directly out of the garden. You'll recharge your soul surrounded by the Luberon Nature Park divided into vast oak forests, scrublands with aromatic scents and the land of lavender, olive and vine crops. Enjoy the nature, spa and pool area to give your body and mind the charity they deserve. Recharge your batteries in the jacuzzi, saunas, showers, massage and relaxation area. Join us in paradise, choose your option below and book your spot!

Book your Room



Only 2 x 'Double Bed - Private Rooms' left!

ARRIVAL: The best way is to book a flight to Nice or Marseille airport. From there it's about 1-hour drive to our location "Les Hameaux Des Davids". We'll set up communication amongst all glow-getters so you can connect and travel together if you'd like.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at laura@healthcoachfx.com.