Without sounding woo-woo, meditation is a true lifesaver for stressed-out souls.

There are so many wonderful reasons to start meditating! Many studies have proven the benefits of this beautiful ancient method. Meditation triggers the relaxation response, restoring and benefitting our wellbeing. It reduces psychological stress and relieves anxiety, depression and pain.

This powerful transformation tool also positively affects genes, brain activity, and health, while improving your sleep quality, energy, concentration and emotional balance.

Personally, meditation helps me perform better in all areas of life. It helped me become aware of self-deprecating, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, and direct my attention purposefully while focusing on the present instead.

It sets my sails towards living a life fuelled from the inside, guided by my inner compass. Less fear, more love.

In the Meditation Menu, I’ll help you create an effective everyday practice too, no matter where you go. I’ll introduce you to my six simple meditation styles, some which you can do in under 3 minutes!

The more you meditate, the easier it’ll get. And as soon as you notice your stress levels going down, your inner peace rising, better performance, deeper sleep, more patience and plentiful love… You’ll never want to go without it anymore!