Hormonal Health & Plant Medicine Workshops



Every week Laura & Lucie host hormonal health & plant medicine workshops in Hamburg. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we'll host our workshops ONLINE.

We help you balance your hormones naturally with the power of essential oils, giving you simple tools and hormone hacks to implement in daily life.

Every workshop has a different theme and is given in a small setting (maximum 5 people). This allows us to dive deeper into the topic and work with you on your own personal health priorities.

You'll walk away with daily routines, natural solutions, and surprise gifts to boost your wellness, balance your hormones and be the best version of yourself!

Scroll down to check out our upcoming workshops and choose the topic you're most interested in.

We're looking forward to meeting with you!


Time & Location:

Every Wednesday | 6.30 pm - 8 pm

Where? Online via Zoom

Language: German & English


Every Class Includes



  • What are essential oils
  • Why are they more effective, cheaper and safer than OTC medicine
  • How to implement them in your daily life for your personal wants and needs (emotional & physical symptoms)
  • How you can empower & support yourself with the use of these oils
  • Your personalized consult on your 3 main health priorities/issues



  • Chance to buy essential oils yourself at -25%
  • Handouts with everything you'll learn + protocols and recipes to try at home!

Below you'll find the workshops with a different focus every week. 


WED | 10.6.2020 | 6.30pm CET (GERMAN)
WED | 17.6.2020 | 6.30pm CET (ENGLISH)

Introduction to Essential Oils

Better sleep. Glowing skin. Hormone and mood support. Detoxification. All of this and more is yours when you let the purest plant extracts make a real difference in your bathroom, medicine cabinet, and life!

MON 29.6.2020 | 6.30pm CET (GERMAN)
MON 1.7.2020 | 6.30pm CET (ENGLISH)

Deep Detox With Plant Medicine

Cleanse & Restore Your Digestive Organs

Did you know that hormone balance, clear skin and a good mood starts in your gut? In this workshop, you’ll learn why detoxification and digestion play an elemental role in your skin, hormone, respiratory and immune health. We'll show you our 5-step system to help your body get rid of toxic load, repair gut barriers, restore cell health, repopulate your microbiome, and support the overall function of your body's systems and organs.




Daily Habits to Boost Immunity

Now is the time to take immediate action to support our immune system naturally! In this workshop, we'll share evidence-based procedures to help manage concerns and decrease the transmission of respiratory viruses. We'll talk about essential oils and daily natural hacks to detoxify your body & support your mind.


Toxic Free Living Made Easy

Did you know that nowadays you’re exposed up to 85.000 different chemicals that trigger inflammation and hormone imbalance in your body? Learn how to implement daily natural routines and how to create a clean living environment to reduce your everyday toxic exposure.



Full Moon Circle & Emotional Healing w/ Essential Oils

This full moon in Virgo is about trusting life and freeing yourself from your own expectations. Your feeling of safety is related to your emotional order and clarity.

We’ll use this energy, combined with the power of plant medicine, to decode and transform your hidden emotions that are holding your back. Dissolving your limiting beliefs will help you to embrace your highest potential and opens the gate to mental and emotional balance.

Find out why your digestive track is extra sensitive during this time and enjoy a supportive plant medicine treat during the circle.

When women gather in a sacred circle it has a great healing power both emotionally and physically.

Let’s create magic and empower each other wholeheartedly!

Join us and explore the power of plant properties to nourish your body, mind, and soul.

We hope you'll use this wisdom not just to upgrade your own personal health, but the wellbeing of your loved ones, surroundings and our planet as well.


We're Looking Forward Meeting You!

Laura & Lucie